Somaliland: KULMIYE intent in bolstering and uplifting SNM objectives and aspirations, says Chairman Bihi


The KULMIYE chairman and party’s flag bearer in the upcoming Presidential elections Muse Bihi Abdi has stated that his party was intent in bolstering and uplifting the objectives and aspirations laid down and fought for by the SNM which was fundamentally based on the establishment of the rule of justice

SNM, the abbreviation for the Somali National Movement is the veteran outfit that fought for and re-asserted the nation and statehood of Somaliland.

The ruling party’s presidential candidate gave the sentiments in a speech among many that he gave at Geed-balaadh and Idaanka-Deryahanka and several areas in Gebiley region in a meet-the-people tour that he made over the week.

Mr. Bihi who is himself a veteran of the SNM hence was referring to the mistreatment, lack of justice and untold horde of calamities meted upon the people of Somaliland in the former military regime of Somalia.

“This is Idanka today a place where 30 years ago was rubble of burnt down ruins and heaps of dead bodies in fiercely fought battles (by the SNM)”, he reminded the jubilant audience amongst whom were many who witnessed the said events.

“We know what was here; the then abundance of casualties”, Mr. Bihi recalled.

He said that it was worth thanking God for having all the annihilated centres flourishing today at a time that there is abundant rainfall and healthy populace.

He noted that the situation in which Somalilanders are basking in today that has brought major progress and development was mainly because of the prevalent security and peaceful stability that is being cherished in the country.

The chairman told of how he joined the movement and about his experiences in the long struggle that followed.

He said it was worth continuing the brethren-ship in unity and solidarity for fledgling prosperity to take precedence.