Somaliland: Three men arrested for Saraar region homicide

Three men have been arrested in the shooting death of a minibus driver murdered between the towns of Oog and Gumays last month.

Yusuf Jama Mireh, and two individuals who were not named were arrested by Saraar’s regional police force on Saturday.

Saraar’s regional police chief said that his officers are confident that Mireh was the shooter, and that the two individuals who were also arrested were in on the scheme.

“Three men shot and killed a minibus driver on April 25th, in between the towns of Oog and Gumays,”. The group originally departed from Las Anod and were destined for Hargeysa, and killed the driver while they were traveling between the towns of Oog and Gumays,” said the regional police chief.

“The victim, Awil Ahmed Saeed, aged 44, was shot three times and died as a result of gunshot wounds,”.

Saraar Governor, Ali Mohamed Farah, commended the officers for the arrest.

“I’d like to the Chief of Saraar’s regional police force and his deputy for their leadership and for bringing the killers to justice,” said Farah.

Police have not yet determined a motive for the killing.