Somaliland: National Drought Relief Committee plans to raise $10 million for drought victims

 Somaliland’s newly-appointed National Drought Relief Committee (NDRC) plans to raise $10 million in donations for the nation’s drought victims, Somaliland’s Presidential Affairs Minister has announced.

Mohamud Hashi Abdi, Presidential Affairs Minister, announced the committee’s fundraising goal in a press conference at the Presidential Palace on Saturday.

The funds will support drought victims who’ve lost their livestock and those who are currently suffering from illnesses such as cholera, that recently broke out in the eastern regions.

The committee will also be organizing fundraising drives around the nation on Somaliland’s Independence Day next week, instead of holding national celebrations, following a recent order from H.E President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Silanyo to cancel celebrations due to the drought.

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President Silanyo announced a new committee last week, after the previous committee that was mainly comprised of religious leaders, received vast criticism for their lackluster efforts in raising funds.

Abdi says the new committee will be working hard over the next month to meet their goal, and will not politicize donations, even if Somalia’s leaders offer help.

“We will be raising funds until June 26th, and our team plans to approach as many Somalilander entrepreneurs and businesses as possible,” Abdi said.

“Also, we will not deny donations from our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters, but that doesn’t mean we are relying on our neighbors, Somalia, to come to our aid” Abdi said.

“We are an independent country that has their own organized national drought relief efforts, and we are grateful for whatever donations we can get from the International Community,” Abdi said.

“Our people desperately need help and every donation counts,”.