Somaliland: Emirati volunteer medical team arrives in Somaliland

A team of doctors and medical workers from the UAE  arrived at Egal International Airport on Wednesday morning to provide free medical services across the country.

The medical team was welcomed at the airport by a large delegation comprising of senior officials from the central government.

Somaliland’s Presidential Affairs Minister, Mohamud Hashi Abdi, gave a brief speech on behalf of the government delegation, welcoming the volunteer medical team and briefing reporters on their visit.

“We would like to welcome the volunteer medical team and their team leader Dr. Adil- Al Shamari to Somaliland, and are looking forward to working with the doctors on providing medical care to Somaliland’s citizens, ” Abdi said.

According to Abdi, the doctors will be providing services at Hargeisa football stadium and will be treating 5,000 patients that have pre-registered with the government.

“The doctors will be treating 5,000 Somalilanders who pre-registered with the government,” Abdi said.

“New patients will not be accepted at this time and we are asking all citizens to respect the first come first serve policy and those who pre-registered” Abdi added.