Somaliland: Senior Waddani official falsely claims that ‘Tens of thousands’ protested against military base

A senior member of Somaliland’s main opposition party erroneously claimed that ‘tens of thousands of Somalilanders’ protested in front of the UAE embassy in London on Thursday.

Abdirashid Jeeni, Waddani’s Deputy Information Secretary, posted the baseless claim on his personal Facebook page, contradicting numbers reported by international media outlets and many who were present at the protest.

Middle East Monitor, a non-profit press monitoring organization that focuses on Middle East Affairs, reported that ‘dozens of people’ protested outside the UAE Embassy base on Thursday.

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This ‘alternative fact’ provided by Jeeni is one of many falsehoods that have been spread by Somaliland’s opposition party over the past few weeks.

Earlier this week, senior members of Somaliland’s opposition party claimed that President Silanyo is in poor health and traveled to London to seek medical treatment.

The rumor was squashed after photos of President Silanyo in good health surfaced online on Wednesday.

Below, a screenshot of Abdirashid Jeeni’s post on Facebook: