Somaliland: Who has the Vision to lead the Nation


Every once in awhile a nation is asked to choose a leader with vision to lead them. That time is quite possibly around the corner for Somaliland. The nation of Somaliland has to pick between two candidates, Waddani’s Abdirahman Irro and Kulmiye’s Muse Bihi, (the third candidate from UCID status is illegal and he is a non-entity).


If one of them, the ruling party candidate, Muse Bihi, had his way he would make the election about his style of leadership. Seeing as this is his first run, it is understandable. He does want  not to be held accountable for all the missteps and befuddled policies of the current administration. He doesn’t see this government’s failures as being to his advantage. So, he would like the voting public to see him as a man with a “vision” and a new direction for the country. You would think that this is his best chance. But, it is not.



The ruling party’s presidential candidate, Muse Bihi, has to realize it is NOT about him. It is about the body of work put together by the government. As the ruling party candidate he takes full responsibility for the abject failure of this administration’s policies. Muse Bihi cannot wash his hands from the failure of the administration led by the party he chairs.



The nepotism, the ineptitude, the incitements, the divisions, the intolerance and the blatant disregard for the people’s money. The mismanagement of services including but not limited to the capital’s water supply, $187 Million US Dollars, with nothing show for it but a few pipes and plastic containers in a warehouse! The dereliction of duty to the Eastern regions of Somaliland starting from Oodweyne and all points east. The failure to protect our sole national revenue stream, the export of our livestock. The failure to plan for the ravages of the constant droughts in Somaliland and erosion of the environment.



There is a large laundry list of government missteps that the ruling party Presidential candidate will be judged on.


This election will be on what this current regime has done since 26 June 2017. It will be a referendum to decide if they should be re-hired or FIRED. This is not an election on the ruling party’s candidate, Muse Bihi, his history, his personality traits, or his competence; this will be a plebiscite on his party. In the end it will just be about his personal character, it will be about what the people of Somaliland want.