Somaliland: Kulmiye wants election in time, reiterating the President’s pledge


The ruling Kulmiye political party has reiterated that the forthcoming presidential elections ought to be held as scheduled.

The party’s spokesman was echoing the President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud Silanyo’s pledge that time and again held that the election must be held in time as slated.

He was speaking shortly after coming out of a meeting held by the National Electoral Commission (NEC) on Saturday 7th January 2017 that brought together all major stakeholders in the name of the three official political parties. The NEC was briefing the political parties on their technical operations whereby they focused on their ongoing preparations for the forthcoming Presidential election that is just around the corner.

The KULMIYE spokesman said that NEC briefing has been clear that it was right on schedule hence revealed that it would start issuing the voter cards on their 21st of January this year.

The opposition parties have however shown reservations while casting aspersions to the contrary in one of the first and rare times that they refuse to hold elections in time. Normally, it is a seating coalition party or a ruling party that shuns away from the holding of elections whereas opposition ones usually clamour for it.

The Wadani Spokesman seemed humbled by the NEC brief that 57% of the electorate have been displaced by the drought. Much worse is the UCID one who held that they saw no elections in sight hence gave several details of percentages of the electorate impacted by the extent of the drought.