Somaliland: President Siilaanyo confirms election-on-time schedule at Kulmiye youth wing convention


His Excellency the President of the Republic of Somaliland, today, reiterated that his government had no plans nor was it encouraging any extension of term.

The President officially opening a convention of over 1000 youth delegates of the ruling party, Kulmiye, said: “I wish to state here, again, that my government is not planning a term of extension, and that the upcoming elections will be held on schedule”.

The President directly appealed to the intellects and hearts of the gathered young blood to cooperate on and continue the development of the basic pillars of the Republic of Somaliland: Co-existence, education, national reconstruction, peace and stability and national defense.

The President went to say that his election to office would have been virtually impossible if not for the will of youth and women supporters who defied all odds to challenge the then reigning government.

His Excellency the Minister for the Presidency, Mohamoud Hashi Abdi, spoke at length of how the backbone of Kulmiye were youth of both genders.

He, at first, extolled the qualities of the incumbent head of the state, the founder of the ruling party, going on to highlight the leadership qualities and experience of the Presidential candidate and the current Chairman who had been chosen to lead the party again to victory in the March 2017 presidential elections- Mr. Musa Behi Abdi.

The Minister then outlined the party’s winning program that hoisted the reigning government on to office.

“Youth understood that the political program of Kulmiye covered much of their aspirations – and they were not disappointed when they elected it to power,” he said.

Mr. Hashi recounted how youth development and the protection of their dreams were interlaced with the party’s founder and incumbent president, Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud “Siilaanyo”.

“Youth were not left behind in the glory and/or related cares of the highest office in Somaliland,” he said. “The President immediately moved to lower the age limitation to election or nomination to highest offices and parliament to 25 years”, he added.

“Following up on his promises to youth and the newly abrogated age limitation, the President appointed youth to ministerial, Director General and Managerial positions of monumental importance to the country, capping it all to the appointment of the Chief Justice to a young academic”, Minister Hashi pointed out.

Minister castigated the opposition on a number of publicly proclaimed allegations.

“We cannot be sidetracked by meaningless drivel criticizing us on the gargantuan national effort we are combatting the drought with. we are a party that has an unparalleled expertise in the management of seemingly daunting adversities. We can all give a hand, The least anyone can do is distribute foodstuff to the distressed herders on the move or even offload dead heads of livestock from transporting vehicles,” the Minister said.

“The opposition,: he added “contradicts itself on the same breath. They claim that we are not ready to hold elections, in one, and then accuse us of electioneering and election campaigns on the next. They should decide on one of the two and pursue it”.

“The election would happen as planned, on schedule,” he declared.

Musa Behi Abdi, ruling party chairman and its candidate for the forthcoming elections, asked participants to bury all differences and join hands in the development of the nation and for its solidarity.

The youth convention was a clear message on strength – as well as a show of force – of Kulmiye and the wide support the ruling party enjoyed across the republic.