Somaliland:Wadani Party’s Paradoxical Debates: Part Two

In part one I have exposed how Wadani chairman and its presidential candidate Mr. Abdirahman Irro botched on the leadership of the House of Representatives as its chairman for the last 12 years. I have deduced from there that it will not make sense to seek the President of the Republic, since he has abjectly failed on the leadership of the legislative branch which is the most crucial branches of the government (The legislative, The Judiciary, and The executive).

On other hand ,the most   powerful ministries in the executive branch of the government for the last six years are in Wadani party ‘s shadow cabinet and leadership positions, notably former Ministries in the Presidency, Public works and housing,Education,Foreign affairs and Justice. Those ministries have tried unconstitutional coup with the counsel of their radical mentors in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Mogdisho.They were the most corrupt, inefficient and uneducated in the cabinet. The great paradox is the same ministries  who were in the driving seat in Kulmiye government  for the last six years are now in the Wadani’s driving seat calling for change, what kind of change?, aren’t you the same people?.

Therefore,Wadani party was leading Somaliland government’s legislative and executive branches of government; thus if there is any need of change, there is a need of changing the wrongs they have done in the executive and legislative branches of the government. Their rethoric and call for change is an insult to the nation and its intellectuals.

Wadani party claims that it will bring international recognition; Mohamed Bihi Yonus was Somaliland’s minister of foreign affairs and currently in Wadani party’s shadow cabinet, the worthy question is why didn’t you brought the recognition while you were the top diplomat in Somaliland? Similarly let alone Wadani party working in Somaliland’s quest for recognition there is a fear that it is working in greater Somalia unification, since there is in its shadow cabinet and politburo former Mogadishu’s foreign minister Mr.Buubaa,who is still in the believe of Somalia unity and unification. On the same footing, members of Damjuljadiid religious sect whom are the most powerful personalities in Wadani such as Hersi,Duur and Abdirasaq Khalif believe in Somalia unity as per the charter of Damuljadid.

Further, Wadani party also argues that they will solve the current youth predicament in Somaliland.Neverthless,Wadani Presidential candidate Mr.Abdirahman Irro was loath and indifferent in the mass youth persecution by the Siyad Barre government in the 1980s. He was senior staff member of Somalia Republic foreign affairs ministry and was happy with the policy of his government at the time to destroy Somaliland and annihilate its people. Thus, the worthwhile question is; what is the difference between Somaliland Youth in the 1980s and the current youth in Somaliland? the answer is the people and the youth are the same once and Mr. Abdirahman irro is the same person. On the same footing Wadani Presidential candidate Abdirahman Irro’s children lives in Finland and studies there. Many social research studies mention that parents always are psychologically connected to where the children resides and  are interested the education, health and security situation in the country which they live. Therefore Mr. Irro does not know well the real conditions which Somaliland youth are in.

Wadani party also argues that they will keep and further improve the security.However security experts told me let alone Wadani party to do something about the security; there is a real worry that powerful personalities within Wadani party leadership are threat to Somaliland security and the regional security as well. Moreover, Wadani Presidential candidate Abdirahman irro is not knowledgeable about the local and regional security environment since he never worked on any security related institution and never attended the various peace building,conflict resolution and disarmament  conferences  which took place in the country.

By:Mohammed Dahir Ahmed