HE President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud (Silanyo) was the guest of honor at a graduation ceremony held for the fourth batch to graduate from the various faculties of Timacade University which were held at Gabiley.

President Silanyo speaking during the Graduation ceremony lauded the graduating students for the hard work and diligence and that they are expected to become leaders in their communities and public services and capable of becoming fully competitive in all sectors and that they are the future of this country hence the need for them to be ingenious when it comes to employment, he also urged local enterprises to invest in local talents.

The Chancellor of Timacade University speaking during the occasion congratulated the graduates, reminded them that they had come here with many dreams and goals and them leave here with a love for learning, extraordinary credentials and boundless opportunities for you shall maximize the knowledge and skills you garnered here , shall take you to the next level both horizontally and vertically, since learning doesn’t have destination to stop.

The college has also launched its distance learning program which is intended to cater the Somaliland population with university education level without actually requiring them to attend regular classes of the university. This program will enable the young Somali-Landers and adults craving for university level education but lacking the opportunity due to their inability to actually attend the regular classes because they are employed or tied up to businesses in places prohibitively far  from the operating sites of the university college.

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