Somaliland Minister of Health Dr. Saleban Esse Ahmed (Xaglo-toosiye) has called for the people of Buuhoodle to have a consultation with each other and determine where their best interests lie.

Dr. Saleban Xaglo-Tosiye went on a trip to Buuhoodle and while speaking at a public gathering in the city, the minister of Health said the country is going through some big changes and the people of Buuhoodle should keep up with that “ I am here for a work trip, i am here to tell you that we (The Buuhoodle somaliland, residents) must be awaken to the unprecedented developments and changes happening in the country, you see we are of nomadic background and any nomad who is hit by a drought will move to seek a greener pastures and it seems today our situation is worse than that drought-affected nomad, the country is experiencing some big political changes and those who can understand that today are the ones who will always lead, the people of Buuhoodle need to come together and have a discussion on where we think could be a country that better serves our welfare and interests,”

On the other hand the Minister of Health congratulated the president for the recent government reshuffle which the president awarded the people of Sool unprecedented lion’s share in his government and Dr.Xaglo-toosiye called Buuhoodle and its residents to follow the example of Sool if they are to have their fair share in the government.