Today, at Arrowein, north of Buuhoodle, General Ali Barreh, welcomed 260 new army officers to the Somaliland army ranks.

The officers with their technicals and army vehicles moved over to Somaliland from Puntland and Khatumo army units bolstering further the peace initiative Professor Ali Khalif, Khatumo president, and traditional leaders at the Awr Bogays conference, before him, started.

ex-Puntland & Ex-Khatumo army officers.

Vice Minister Osman Garaad Soofe, on behelaf of the Republic of Somaliland government, and Brigadier General Ali Barreh, commander-in-Chief of the Eastern garrisons of the Somaliland army, welcomed the officers and rank-and-file very cordially, nationalizing them on the spot, promising them that all priveleges commensuarte with officer and military personnel ranks will be duely processed – and expedited.

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Escorting and supporting the move were 12 traditional leaders from the Ali Geri clan of the Dhulbahante.

This latest development closely follows on the heels of peace and collaboration initiatives that the larger Dhulbahante clan, as a whole, started with the government of Somaliland. Agreements have been reached – at different levels – at Awr Bogays, Adhi Addeeye, and Aynaba.

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This comes, too, at a time that Somalia has come out of the woods on full sight much spooked by the fledgeling cooperation between President Siilaanyo’s government and the Dhulbahante clan that, hitherto, held back to demand their fair share of a Somaliland they geographically belong to as they were, in addition,  ethnically related to.

Abdiweli Gass, leader of Somalia’s Puntland, called Professor Gallaydh a ‘borderline personality’ obviously displeased with the professor’s strong views against Somalia.

Professor Galaydh eloquently ruled out any meanigful relations between the Dhulbahante he led and Somalia with its Puntland on a number of occasions in the past, the last of which was only a few days earlier (see below).

Judging by the comments Somalilanders are exchanging on Facebook, for instance, on the peace initiatives taking root in the Sool and Buuhoodle regions, the Republic of Somaliland is coming of age, maturing due to the climate of peace and cooperation blossoming among its members – and especially with the Dhulbahante and Warsangeli clans in the eastern regions of the republic.

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