The Republic of Somaliland legislators at the House of Representatives, today, overwhelmingly approved the memorandum of understanding that the government entered with DP World of the Emirates on Berbera port development.

To speed up the process,  5 MPs who were listed to speak on the floor withdrew their privelege in favor of the voting procedure.

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Consequently, the  the House Speaker called for a floor vote.

Out of 74 MPs present at today’s session, 69 voted in favor of the agreement reached with the UAE-based leader in port management, five voted ‘naye!’ and none abstained.

The Clan -O-Phobics

Remarkably, out of the 5 opposing the development project, 4 hailed from the same clan – thus baring, some say, a hidden agenda that had nothing to do with safeguarding national interests. The 5th, Abdirahman Xoog, stormed out when, reports say, he guaged the level of support for the MoU he so vehemently opposed. A sixth, Abdulkadir Jirdeh, for reasons not stated, did not enter the hall although present at the premises, only walking in when the other MPs were casting their vote. He did not. Instead, he made a turnabout and walked out again.

Today’s vote of confidence for Somaliland’s primary seaport development scheme, which also entails side benefits that are of great import to the country, signals a new era in Somaliland thinking that greatly encourages national and international investment initiatives to take root.

73 MPs were present during today’s session vote 69 MPs voted in favor.

  1. Baashe Maxamed Faarax
  2. Dr. Cali Yuusuf Axmed
  3. Axmed Maxamed Diiriye (Nac-nac)
  4. Cali Maxamed Aadan (Calibarre)
  5. Saleeban Cawad Cali (Bukhaari)
  6. Axmed Cabdi Nuur (kijandhe)
  7. Maxamed Cali Xirsi (Obama)
  8. C/raxman Cisman Caalin
  9. C/raxman Yuusuf Cartan
  10. Ibraahim Caraale Cabdi (Ruush)
  11. Baar Siciid Faarax
  12. Ibraahim Jaamac Cali (Reyte)
  13. Ibraahim Mahdi Buubaa
  14. Naasir X. Cali Shire
  15. C/raxman Maxamed Talyanle
  16. Cabdi Maxamud Jaamac (Gaagale)
  17. C/casiis Ismacil Ducaale
  18. Saleeban Yuusuf Cali (Koore)
  19. Siciid Maxamed Cilmi
  20. Xaashi Xuseen Caabi
  21. C/karim Abuubakar Good
  22. C/ramxan Maxamed Jaamac
  23. C/qaadir Jibriil Tukaale
  24. Axmed Barkhad Obiisye
  25. Cali Sh. Ibraahim Aareeye
  26. Siciid Warsame Ismaciil
  27. Farxan Maxamed Cali
  28. Faarax Maxamuud Cabdule
  29. Maxamuud Dhunkaale Guutaale
  30. Xamze Maxamed Gaadaweyne
  31. Axmed Jaamac Warfaa (Wadka)
  32. Maxamuud X. Maxamed Cumar Xaashi
  33. C/karimm Aw Cali Shabeel
  34. C/laahi Xuseen Cige (Blacky)
  35. Axmed Faarax Jooge
  36. Xusen Ismaciil Yuusuf
  37. C/qaadir Jamac Xaamaud
  38. Axmed Maxamed Nuur
  39. Maxamed Cisman Bulqaas
  40. Cali X. Maxamed Muuse
  41. Maxamed Cumar Aadam (Jiir)
  42. Maxamud Axmed Obsiiye
  43. Axmed Ducaale Bulaale
  44. Axmed Cabdi Kaahin
  45. Maxamed Saalax Cige
  46. Wali Axmed Xaawo
  47. Maxamed Axmed Maxamed (Dhakool)
  48. Cabdi Hiirad Warfaa Faahiye
  49. Yuusuf Liibaan Cumar
  50. Cali Obsiiye Diiriye (Gabiley)
  51. Maxamed Jamac Cabdi
  52. Maxamed Jama Cali
  53. Maxamed Baaruud Shide
  54. Aadan X. Diiriye DIrir
  55. C/raxman Jaamac Muuse
  56. AxmedYaasiin Sh. Cali Ayaanle
  57. Xusen Maxamed Cige
  58. C/laahi Axmed Yuusuf (Madar)
  59. Ibrahim Axmed Reygal
  60. Maxamed X. Yuusuf Axmed (Waabeeyo)
  61. Maxamed Xusen X. Ciise
  62. Mahdi Xusen Cadar
  63. Mahdi C/laahi Maxamuud
  64. Xasan Cawaale Ceynaan
  65. Xasan Muuse Hufane
  66. C/qaadir Askar Xasan
  67. Muuse Maxamed Ismaciil (Hoos-ujeed)
  68. Ismaaciil Maxamed Xasan

4 MPs against;

  1. Siciid Cilmi Roole
  2. Siciid Cartan Cisman
  3. Xaamud Cisman Cigaal
  4. Axmed Xasan Aadan (Weysa cade)

The House Speaker did cast his vote.

The DP World Berbera Deal bill was approved by House of Representatives.