Somaliland: Dahabshil Bank offers tailor-made services to women entrepreneurs – Dahabshiil Group CEO

Dahabshiil Group, comprising of Dahabshiil Money Transfer & eDahab, Dahabshil Bank International and Somtel Telecommunications, was a Gold Sponsor of Ardaa, the Somali Women’s Economic Summit which concluded at the Hiddo-Dhawr conference hall, Hargeisa, Saturday.


Abdirashid Duale,  Dahabshiil Group CEO, said ‘Dahabshiil is proud to support and  to be associated with Ardaa’s Somali Women’s Economic Summit. We truly recognise the pivotal role women play in the household economies and overall growth of GDP. We are therefore committed to ensure women’s economic and social development is put at the forefront of our business strategy’.


Mr Duale further noted ‘Through Dahabshil Bank International (DBI), we aim to provide tailor- made services for women entrepreneurs and personal banking needs. We currently offer different products for women including investment and Micro-finance. The investments department of DBI shows an increase in women participation. Majority of our MicroDahab clients ,our micro-finance division,  and recipients of remittances are women running micro and small enterprises, which have been known to sustain families. We are ready to listen and consult further in order to offer even better services and employment opportunities for women’.

Ardaa aimed to bring out different perspectives for sustained action on women’s economic participation.
The Somali women-in-business symposium brought together prominent names that have  become established bynames in Somali circles and burgeoning new ones on the up-and-up ladder in successful business establishments in the region.

The guest of honor was Mrs Amina Hersi Moghe who had  ‘launched several multimillion-dollar projects in KampalaUganda. Her investments include Oasis Shopping Mall in Kampala’s central business district and the Laburnam Courts Apartments, on Nakasero Hill.

She is also one of Uganda’s largest distributors of cement and other hardware materials.
In 2013, Amina looked further afield to diversify her business, seriously looking into industrial manufacture.
Amina Hersi, via he investment company, Horyal Investment Holding Company Limited, began construction of Atiak Sugar Factory, in AtiakAmuru DistrictNorthern Uganda. The US$50 million project is expected to be ready in 2016, with commercial production expected in 2017.
Not only at the symposium was Amina Moghe and the organizers, Asal Consulting were greatly honored but the government of Somaliland, business giants such as Dahabshiil, Hassa Petroleum, and reverred Somalilanders such as Dr. Edna, diplomats, political parties leaders Abdirahman Irro and Faisal Ali, among others,  all gave the Somaliland-born tycoon a heoine’s reception at Egal International Airport upon arrival on Friday.

Abdirizak Ibrahim Mohamed, CEO of Hass Petroleum, Somaliland, said ‘women’s role in nation-building is evident wherever one looks at. Theirs is a role that cannot be paralleled by none,” he said.

“A Somali proverb sums up a woman’s indispensable support to society by stating that “one never overtakes a man with a better wife'”, he added.

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