Somaliland: Three children perish in Deadly fire


Hargeisa- Three Children lost their lives after a fierce fire ripped their house during morning hours on Saturday.

Head of Somaliland fire and emergency services, Colonel Ahmed Mohamed Hassan “Sawahili” briefing reporters said at the fire headquarters he said, “We rushed to the scene after received a dispatch at about 10:30 Am today, fire was so fierce but at end firefighters managed to bring it under control house in located Idaacada suburb.

Colonel Ahmed Mohamed Hassan “Sawahili” went on to say, “We managed to save the father but unfortunately three children who were inside the house when the blaze broke out perished.

“We cannot astern the cause of the fire at the moment although neighbors laid the blame on the father of the three deceased children for intentionally starting the blaze this after they overheard him threating to do so a few days ago”, he stated.

Colonel Ahmed Mohamed Hassan “Sawahili” added, “Neighbors heard screaming, when they rushed to the burning house they managed pulled the father out but couldn’t save the children because their rom was locked and the flames were so fierce, the tragedy of the morning came out in a jumble.The matter is currently being investigated by the criminal investigations department.

Lastly, I would like to urge the general public to report any fires early by contacting us through our 24 hours emergency telephone which is 900 and not 999 as most people tend to do.