“Somaliland should seek to sell more to the world” Somaliland Foreign Minister


Dr. Sa,ad Ali Shire, the foreign Affairs Minister of Somaliland said while speaking with the media that there are massive investment opportunities in need of foreign investment in Somaliland , the minister was speaking of a conference expected to be held in Germany in August, this year with Somaliland trade and investment as its central theme

“ We need to use that conference in Berlin as a platform to sell to the world of the massive untapped investment opportunities in Somaliland, whether it is the agriculture sector, in livestock, fishery, trade and industry, we have to present those opportunities to the world and to international investors, we have to convince and get them invest in Somaliland.”

Somaliland now sells livestock and mostly raw materials to one or two countries in the gulf but this conference could be the starting point of expanding Somaliland’s business reach, as Somaliland’s businesses and businessmen will attend the Berlin Somaliland Trade and Investment Conference alongside businessmen from different countries around the world, which the minister believes could be an opportunity for Somaliland’s businessmen and politicians to persuade those international businessmen to come and invest in Somaliland and as well use this conference as an opportunity to market to those business people to buy commodities and goods from Somaliland with the minister emphasizing that processing the raw materials we send to the very few countries we trade with such as livestock would give Somaliland  the opportunity to sell more and attract new partners to export to as such creating more jobs in Somaliland and at the same time increasing the inflow of a much needed foreign currency.

The minister underscored the importance of the country’s business community to attend as much regional and international business and trade conferences if Somaliland is to expand its business reach” If we are to realize the development and progress we aspire to, it is essential that we attract foreign investment and investors, we have to strengthen the trade we have with other countries and the Berlin conference on 31st, August, provides one of those opportunities.”

Finally, the minister mentioned that this is not the first time Somaliland is holding a conference of this nature in a foreign country as there was another held in the UK.

The Republican