Somaliland: Another Ethiopia’s Liyuu Police Outrage


Yet another Liyuu Police folly, another spike on the Somaliland-Ethiopia multi-dimensional pact nearing completion. An outrage on the heel of others.

The Liyuu police of the Somali Administration of Ethiopia, a.k.a. Zone 5, on Friday, compounded the ethnic-cleansing rampage perpetrated against unarmed civilians (as above) in Jama Dubbad village of the Gaashaamo Region by making another foray on another ethically related area on the border between Somaliland and Ethiopia – Ballidhiig.

At this village that straddles the border, the AK-rifles-welding,  so-called Liyuu Police shredded the Somaliland flag into tatters.

This latter step was interpreted as another provocation to start a war between the Ugadenis and the Isaacs relying on the fire power of the federal government troops.

Only this time, they did not count on units of the Somaliland army patrolling the area.

No casualties or a serious exchange of fire was reported but the marauding Liyuu police units unceremoniously turned tail on sight of the approaching Somaliland military unit.

This latest incident follows the genocide committed against Jama Dubbad only last week.