Somaliland: Liyu Police arrest Sultan Hersi Gani Hailing from Somaliland

he Ethiopian paramilitary militia known as the “Liyu Police” abducted yesterday a traditional chief and other elders from Guba Daalaco, a village that lies 17 km south of Somaliland and  borders with Ethiopia.

Guba Daalaco is part of Gaashaamo district and fall under the Jarar province in Ethiopia’s Somalia administration in Jigjiga. The traditional leader, Sultan Hersi Gani and other accompanied elders were in Guba Daaloco in resolving clan hostilities in the region. Eyewitness nearby the district made the confirmation that Ethiopian paramilitary militia came to the district yesterday and took the traditional chief along with the other elders.

Liyu Police are believed to fuel most of the disputes between the inhabitants that live in the Somalia administration in Ethiopia. They are accused of siding with Ogaden ethnicity when they clash with other clans inhabiting in the region.The paramilitary group are accused of widespread crimes against humanity in Somali Zone 5.

Somaliland Informer