Somaliland: President Silanyo And Irro Meet At The Presidential Mansion


The Head of State H.E Ahmed Mohammed Mohammud (Silanyo) has met with the speaker of parliament who is  also opposition National Party boss  Hon. Abdirahman Mohammed Abdillahi (Irro)  at the Hargeisa Presidential Mansion. According to a source privy to the meeting informed the Horn Newspaper that the meeting agenda pertained the postponement of the registration of voter exercise following the severe drought that has devastated the country.

Our informer further confirmed that the president called Hon.Irro to convince him to change his hard stance, Hon. Irro’s party  Wadani had refused to accept the putting off of the registration exercise as this may  cause the election not to be held on schedule.  The National party boss also feared that this was another ploy by the ruling party Kulmiye to continue clinging to power.

The National Party had reasoned that their was no cause of alarm to warrant a postponement of the voters registration exercise because Awdal,Hawd,Gabiley and Sahil  regions which were experiencing a severe drought have finished the electoral exercise.