Somaliland: President Silaanyo names a new representative to Ethiopia

President of Somaliland Ahmed Silanyo
H.E. Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud (Silanyo) - President of Somaliland

President of Somaliland HE Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo has fired the chairman of National Demobilization Commission (NDC), Jamal Aidid Ibrahim who has been relieved from all his duties through a presidential decree # JSL/M/XILQ/249/1-3881/022016which was issued on Monday from the office of the president.

The Head of State has seen the importance of the institutions have for the public and that their effectiveness is quite significant.

The president made in consultations and considerations with the country’s national constitution.

Therefore, he appointed that the former Somaliland representative to Ethiopia, Mohamoud Adan Jama Galaal should serve as the state minister on national planning.

Hon. Adan Muse Jibril, appointed as the new SL representative to Ethiopia.

Hon. Jama Mohamed Odowa has been named as the new Director General to Somaliland ministry of Fishery.

Mr. Abdi Ahmed Nur, alias “Abdi Guray” has been appointed as the new Director General to the ministry of livestock.

Mr. Ibrahim Ahmed Rabi has been named as the new chairman who will be in charge of National Demobilization Commission (NDC).

Hon. Mohamoud Abdilahi Harbi has been appointed as the new Deputy Chairman of Somaliland Civil Service Commission.