Somaliland: Two Renegade Kulmiye Coalition for Democracy Politicians Meet President

Member of Parliament Hon. Ahmed Abdinoor Kijandhe and Hon. Abdirahman Osman Ali’in also known as Abdirahman Dheere  have opted out of their Coalition with other renegade politicians from their party who had quit the main stream Kulmiye party.  They had formed  a splinter group called Kulmiye Coation for Democracy that had earlier boycotted  the ruling party Kulmiye executive committee election to elect  the party chairman and vice chairman to represent  them in April 2017 elections.

The two politicians are the first to betray their comrades after the official announcement that they had quit  dissidents’ Kulmiye group in a meeting with the head of state H.E Ahmed Mohammed Mohammud (Silanyo)  at the presidential mansion.

According to a well placed source informed the Horn Newspaper that power brokers at the presidential mansion had lobbied intensely  to lure the duo back to the forefront of the ruling party politics after not seeing  eye to eye on many matters and since October of last year have been critical of  the president and the party top brass from their many controversial press conferences they held to lambast the party undemocratic principles.

After mending their fences the president requested the two politicians to work with him after narrowing their ideological differences and from now henceforth they are to blend with other like minded ruling party stalwarts at the presidential mansion and they will also resume their party roles.

The president was flanked by Minister in the Office of the President, Mr.Mohammud Hashi Abdi,his Public Works and Housing Minister Mr.Ali Mohammed Hassan and the first family. Hon.Kijandhe was contesting for the  top post  within the party echelons of power with other disgruntled members like former Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister Mr. Mohammed Bihi Yonis.

The dissidents decided not to participate in the Kulmiye Executive Committee elections after they protested that the president was siding with one of the candidates the incumbent chairman, Mr.Musa Bihi Abdi who is now the party presidential flag bearer in the 2017 elections. The coalition politicians felt slighted by the head of state; thus formed a splinter group known as Kulmiye Colition for Democracy.

The former Minister of Justice, Mr.Hussein Ahmed Aideed, tendered his resignation in support of Hon. Kijandhe ideological shift that what he said on the day he quit the government. Hon. Abdirahman Dheere was vying for an executive committee post; but decided at the last minute to boycott it citing undemocratic election agenda.