Somaliland:Mr. Abdurrahman Cirro unfit to be President


Mr. Abdurrahman Cirro, WADANI candidate, is simply unfit for the position of the President of Republic of Somaliland on the following grounds:
First, the guy lacks the credentials of leading a nation with the magnitude of the complications and challenges we face today.  His CV is restricted to holding low-ranking office in the Somali Embassy in Moscow in 20th Century, where no decisions were made and nothing of substance ever occurred beyond the issuance of a passport or a visa. The only skill that Abdurrahman managed to master from his years in the diplomatic courts is a “Vague Smile” which he has later become obsessed with; over the years. He continues to smile even in Condolence gatherings and on top of graveyards.

Secondly, Mr. Abdurrahman has to disclose his whereabouts and the activities he was involved in during the 10 years between 1981 and 1991. Abdurrahman has to demonstrate his contribution towards the struggle or otherwise. In short, he needs an alibi.

Abdurrahman’s leadership of the parliament since inception was generally acceptable, but his style was dull, monotonious and lacked warmth and charisma. His attitude was often tribalistic and the recent punching of his deputy, on the floor, depicted a paranoid and unstable character that cannot be trusted with fate of this Great Nation. It is evident that Abdurrahman is not cut for leading a club or sub-clan let alone a nation.

This is particularly true given the fact that the man has to compete with two leaders who enjoy proven track records. Jamal, UCID candidate is a Harvard graduate and was handpicked by CITI-GROUP, the world’s largest commercial bank, as candidate of the so called CITI Global Leaders. These are young men and women the Group trains and rotate around the world as Potential Global Financial Leaders. He has since led several CITI Group Branches located in all the continents and has won valuable prizes as World-Class Financial Manager.

Musa Bihi, KULMIYE candidate, is also a graduate of Soviet Union Military Academy, and has also obtained higher training in the fields of Command & Control in the USA. He was raised in the two cities of Hargeisa and Djibouti. Yet, he is a seasoned and proud expert of Somali traditions, including horse training and nomadic life. In addition, Musa is veteran commander of SNM Forces that had ousted Siyad Barre’s Dictatorship and liberated this nation. It is on record that Siyad Barre has criticized his son-in-law Morgan of being fearful of young colonel called Musa Bibi along the borderlines. Finally, his shrewd and cleverly maneuvering to the top position of Kulmiye Party is a clear testimony of man who can sail in unchartered waters, curb the enemies, and deliver on his obligations, No Matter What!!!!. A Man in Need is a Man Indeed!!!!