Somaliland: The Office of the President Rubbishes Somalia Government Plan to Include Somaliland in their Election Agenda


HARGEISA—Office of the president of Somaliland has answered an announcement made by Somalia government in their consultative meeting to enlist Somaliland in their election plan.

In a press release by Somaliland’s presidential spokesperson Mr.Hussein Adan Ige alias Deyr read “Somaliland independence is a result of her people and is not negotiable  and no one can change that fact. There is peace and security and a democratic government in place for a quarter of a century.

We  would like to see our neighbour Somalia  attain peace and tranquility from the ignorant war and political conflict so that her name could be deleted from list of failed states of which it has been a leading flag bearer and a bad example.  The decision by their so called consultative forum to include Somaliland in their election plan is based on fantasy and wishful thinking.

They are simply turning a blind eye on the facts on the ground when they proclaim  their plan to organize an election for Somaliland while their country is facing many problems this is a day dreaming scenario by Mogadishu to dupe her citizens and the international community with a fallacy of deceit.

Now this weak Somalia government has made a habit to interfere in Somaliland national affairs and sovereignty this could have far reaching repercussions in the ongoing negotiations mediated by the international community.’

Somaliland has an elected government which came to power through democratic means and has held elections that were witnessed by international observers.