Somalia: Parliament Summons PM over Kenya’s airstrikes in Somalia


Somalia’s parliament on Monday summoned the country’s prime minster Omar Abdirashid over series of airstrikes Kenyan forces after the Al-Qeada linked militants overrun aa army base in southwestern Somalia last week.

Al-Shabab fighters have carried out a deadly complex attack on a Kenyan military base El-Ade town in which more than 70 soldiers were killed, however, the militant group claimed it killed at least 100 soldiers and took 12 others hostage.

Kenyan air forces have since unleashed air strikes that largely targeted militants bases, however, residents in Gedo region reported that the fighter jets have also hit residential areas and caused civilian causalities.

According to Mahad Abdalla Awad, the second deputy parliament’s speaker asked the prime minister to appear before the parliament before January 30 to ‘answer’ questions related to the air strikes.

In the meantime, Somali parliament is set to debate about a resolution put forword by Mps which aims to ‘condemn’ Kenya’s airstrikes in southwestern Somalia.

Mr. Awad also said that the government would send a taskforce to the region next week to conduct a fact-finding mission in the region.

On Saturday, Al shabab warned Kenya to pull its troops out of Somalia days; however, Kenyan government dismissed the warning saying the attack renewed its determination to destroy Al Shabaab.

Kenya sent troops into neighboring Somalia in 2011 after a spare of suspected Al-Shabab raids and kidnappings of tourists.