Somaliland: UCID leaders in the US


Justice and Development party (UCID) chair and the presidential candidate are in the United States of America.

The voter registration commenced in Togder while the presidential contestants of both the ruling Kulmiye party and the Wadani leader, the speaker of Somaliland’s house of assembly held rallies in the region to urge supporters to come out and get registered for voting when it comes to the forthcoming presidential and parliament elections slated to happen in the country in 2017.

Mr. Faisal Ali Warabe and Jamal Ali Husein are in the US and reports emerge that the leaders of UCID met there for the first time ever since the two had fallout which later went sour.

UCID supporters in Minasota did their best to bring the two leaders to have their first face to face meeting since the rift broke out over the presidential candidate of the party.

Reports indicate that the two leaders have agreed to end dispute be peaceful means. The two leaders did not come to the US on sole mission but arrived on separate missions.