Somaliland: President Silanyo collects Central Committee Credentials during visit to Ruling party Headquarters

H.E President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo on Wednesday once again reiterated that ruling party “KULMIYE” was a democratic political organization and all the eligible members are allowed to contest for the various positions during the upcoming party convention.


President Silanyo speaking at the party’s headquarters where he went to register and collect his central committee delegate card said,

“I am happy to be visiting the ruling party’s headquarters, KULMIYE embraces democracy by respecting the laws of multiparty system and also its own party rules and regulations and all eligible candidates contending for the various positions shall be elected freely and fairly manner during the upcoming party convention.

To those former comrades who left, I pray for them as they seek their new endeavors and May Allah lit your path. We in the ruling party and the government maintain our neutrality; the current government was democratically elected by the citizens of the nation. We still have popular support and God willing, I hope our shall emerge the winners come next general election with a mandate to rule the nation, thank you very much.”

Somaliland Press