Somaliland: President Silanyo Returns Home after Touring Ireland

President Ahmed M. Silanyo returned home today after a three weeks visit to UAE and Ireland.

The president flew to UK on vacation after completing the state visit to Ireland.

The delegation led by the president’s home coming was greeted by the gov’t officials and the two camps that the ruling party split.

President of the republic of Somaliland has made a short speech at Hargeisa airport by saying that he is happy to return home safely.

Irish president has invited president Silanyo to come to Dublin for state visit.

Mr. SIlanyo told that he met with Irish leaders the likes of the president.

The president has commented that the country is preparing to go to the polls in 2017.

He also noted that the ruling party set to hold its central council congress.

He commented that there will be just democratic elections in the party.

He called on the party and the gov’t to forge national unity and all members in the party should abide by the laws.

He urged all citizens to observe peace, stability and to refrian from any acts of destabilization that may jeopardize the national security.

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Once the president was asked about his candidacy, he responded that it is not the right time to talk about that.

It is likely that the incumbent president will announce his retirement from politics once the date fixed for holding the central council congress draws nearer.