Somaliland: House of Representative speaker arrives in Somaliland

The speaker of Somaliland House of Representatives as well as the chairman of opposition National Party (Wadani) Hon. Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilahi alias “Irro” has today returned to the country after completing a short stay in the United Arab Emirates. Members of his party and Somaliland parliamentarians have showed up at the Hargeisa airport to give Irro a warm welcome.


Mr. Irro told that he went to the United Arab Emirates on visit pertaining to medical grounds. He said that he is happy to come back to the country. He called on the government to release the traditional leaders and reporters from the prison. He talked about that the house will bring the disagreement to an end by themselves without the need to mediate. Finally, Mr. Irro has urged the government to lift the poltical pressure on the port city of Berbera.