Somaliland: Youths are leading a campaign to rid their communities of tribalism


A group of youths in Somaliland’s capital Hargeysa are leading a campaign to rid their communities of tribalism and, instead, instill nationalism and oneness. The intensity of the campaign is so huge that every resident of Hargeysa is feeling the heat.


The youths, drawn from different clans in the break-away region, are driving towards a common call: tribalism has never done us any good.
AbdiKarim Ahmed Mooge is among the organisers of the campaign. He said the idea of the campaign was borne after they realised, together with a group of other youths, that the people of Somaliland could be disintegrated along tribal lines.

” I am optimistic about what this noble initiative can achieve. We want to strike out discrimination and tribalism so that the people of Somaliland can all pursue their dreams regardless of their background,” he said.

Abdikarim and colleagues are fighting to prevent was disintegrated Somalia in the early 90’s—tribalism and their campaign seems to be gaining support from the people of Somaliland. 2015-09-06 16-02-05 2015-09-06 16-03-05