Somaliland: Representative to UAE talks with Head of Khalifa Foundation

The United Arab Emirates has announced its plans to implement water catchments and dams in rural areas in Somaliland.

This was revealed in a meeting that SL representative to UAE Hon. Bashe Awil Haji Omar held with Head of Khalifa Foundation His Excellency Mohamed Al Khori today.

Somaliland representative to UAE Hon. Bashe Awil Haji Omar

Discussions focused on doubling the humanitarian development projects that Khalifa Foundation is carrying out in SL.Mr. Bashe thanked the support from the UAE and said that it is now providing relief aid to drought stricken people in worst drought hit regions in SL.

Khalifa Foundation has surveyed that the most important need of SL people in the rural areas is to get water and pledged to carry out water reservoirs in rural areas. SL and the UAE are  having ties based on brotherhood and coopearting on the areas of security and fight against piracy in the region.

Mr. Bashe, as SL president’s son-in-law has presented a precious award to head of Khalifa Foundation.