Somaliland: Kulmiye Central Committee Convention to kick off, choosing a presidential candidate set to reach a fever pitch

Kulmiye Ruling Party’s Central Committee Convention is due to start in September, 2015.

The Central Committee Convention is supposed to choose the party’s next presidential candidate and his running mate of the party after the sitting president of Ahmed M. Silanyo officially announces his retirement in politics.

Al though the sitting president has repeated on numerous occasions that he is seeking reelection but reliable sources confirm that the president does want to run and  will give up the desire to vie for the party’s presidential candidate again.

It is expected that a heated contest will be between party Chairman, Musa Bihi Abdi and his main rival, the current foreign affairs and international cooperation Minister, Hon. Mohamed Bihi Yonis.

Both have publicly announced their bid to cling the party’s flag bearer for the coming presidential elections slated to happen either at the end of 2016 or early 2017.

Former Finance Minister, Abdiasis Mohamed Samale is also another force to be reckoned with as he decided to contest for the party’s presidential candidate and is vying to get the nomination of party’s next presidential election.

The only constraints that ex-finance minister is expected to face is that after he resigned from the government of Ahmed Silanyo.

Mr. Abdiasis is a member of the executive committee and the fear is that he will endorse and throw his weight behind the aforementioned presidential contenders.

It is not yet known if the current Deputy President intends to contest the running mate or whether he is about to relinquish.

If Abdirahman Saylici vies the running mate will give power and strength either one of the aforementioned candidates.

The would-be -elect presidential candidate and running will face their Justice and Welfare party and Wadani party candidacies during the forthcoming presidential elections.

Somalland is a broke away republic from Somalia in 1991 but it has not gained any international recognition.

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