Somaliland: Defense Forces reach Widh Widh to clear Khatumo remnants

Widh Widh- SL Defense Forces have conducted thorough operation to clear remnants of Khatumo insurgents that are reported to be hiding in Widh Widh. Local traditional chiefs and residents have appealed to SL army to come to Widh Widh in order to maintain law and order.

Reports coming from Widh Widh have confirmed that SL Defense Forces have chased Khatumo insurgents from the area and set up barracks in and out of Wid Widh.

Former SL State Minister For National Reconciliation for Eastern Region Mr. Keyse Abdi Yusuf escaped after he was on the brink of being captured by the army.

Mr. Keyse defected into Khatumo rebels after he fallout with the current SL minister of presidency Hon. Hirsi Ali Hasan.

He left from SL authority before resigning from the ministerial portfolio and is currently Khatumo’s minister of interior.

There were no skirmishes between the insurgents and SL defense forces.

Reports indicate that SL Defense Forces have received warm welcome.

Somaliland Informer