Somaliland: British ambassador to Somalia arrives in Somaliland


UK  Ambassador to Somalia, Neil Wigan arrived in Hargeisa on working visit yesterday.

There are no official statement concerning the visit paid by Neil Wigan to Hargeisa but unconfirmed reports indicate that he is to leave from the post of being the ambassador to Somalia.

It said that he will say farewell to President Ahmed Silanyo and the how well his government cooperated with him over the years he held the post.

Mr. Neil Wigan has held a closed door meeting with the speaker of the Upper house of parliament (Guurti) Hon. Suleiman Mohamud Adan. They banned the media from attending the meeting.

Once the talks came to an end, the Suleiman has briefed the press and told that the decision made by the Guurti is irreversible and in accordance with the country’s laws.

He said that he discussed with the British delegation about issues pertaining to election postponement, and the term extension for the current government.

Mr. Speaker has firmly stated that domestic affairs are not the business of foreign countries but they are sole matters that concern Somaliland.


Mr. Suleiman has refused to let the UK delegation to speak to the press to elaborate the issues that they discussed.

On the other hand, Mr. Neil Wigan has met with the opposition leader of Justice and Development Party Hon. Faisal Ali Warabe. Mr. Faisal Ali Warabe has informed the UK delegation headed by the ambassador that Somaliland must be left alone to solve the domestic dispute to an end.

Mr. Faisal has gone on to say that Neil has agreed the appeal and commented that the international community is ready to assist you but it is for Somaliland to settle her own house.