Somaliland People and the International Community Are on the Same Page While Siilanyo and Surrogate Suleiman Are on a Different Page

Generally the basic functions of a democratic government are

a) To hold elections and

b) Provide services. Siilanyo administration failed on both counts. It is apparent that the people of Somaliland and the international community which Siilanyo administration is bashing, are on the same page. Siilanyo’s administration and his surrogate Suleiman are entirely in a different page! Why is that? Because they want the statusquo continue as long as they live, because the state supplies and satisfies the greed of the oligarch. It is the state that represents Siilanyo and Suleiman’s interest and not Siilanyo representing the state’s interest, the people’s interest that is! They demonstrated that they even don’t care isolating Somaliland. They must be isolated instead


The saying goes that “a bad workman blames his tools.” The dysfunctional, dishonest and corruption invested Siilanyo administration blames his dismal failure in governing generally and in not holding overdue election on its time to others, like the international community and the opposition parties and others who happen to be on the same page with Somaliland people and the world.

Somaliland has one product to sell and one market to buy this product.

The product is Democracy, rule of law, stability and peace which may secure the recognition of the sovereignty of Somaliland as an independent country. The only markets which appreciated the product and even want to upgrade the product even though they are not buying it immediately are some members of the international community. They say “if you continue producing this good product the day the international community will say,yes we are going to buy such wonderful product, why not” will come. It is a matter of time.
To day Siilanyo and Suleiman Gaal are attacking the only market Somaliland has for her only product, and not only that, the ‘two’ are destroying the product so that there will never be a product to sell at all to any body! “We don’t need the international community” their sycophants are saying that in the streets of Hargeisa and in the government owned TV. Now every body is talking about the timing of the elections, I for one believe that there will never be a fair election under these ‘two’ any time soon It needs to save the product the market and Somaliland her self.

The very few friends Somaliland has want Somaliland to succeed. They invested the development and maturity of democracy, thus they don’t deserve to be bashed by a recipient who failed and failed his people. Probably President Siilanyo and his cousin the chairman of the Guurti sufferDelusional thinking. Delusional thinking has fewer bases in reality, and can include holding persistently strange beliefs that they are the victims when as a matter of fact the people are. It seems that they think that there are certain people out there to demean and destroy them so the sufferer is always on the fight and at times needlessly on the offensive against none existent situation; however the country suffers from the actions of the sufferer of delusional thinking, Siilanyo and Suleiman..
When these thoughts emerge in words and deeds, the damage can be even worse. Expressing such delusional thinking alienates your people, friends of the people and encourages foes. People who contacted me believe that Siilanyo and Suleiman may suffer delusional thinking by doing what they are doing and behaving the way they are behaving. That is said the author believes that the ‘two’ know what they are up to but not fully processed the consequences of their action as far as Somaliland is concerned or probably they don’t care.

It is absurd knowing what we know now, seeing what we are seeing now and hearing what we are hearing now to say that the ruling clique in Somaliland really represents the national interest of Somaliland. The state became a tool of the Siilanyo’s government. That means the state supplies the greed of the oligarchs Therefore it is the state that represents Siilanyo’s interest and not Siilanyo representing the state’s interest
There is no way to equate Somaliland national interest with the ruling clique’s interest. The Ruling clique’s interests are not national interests but only interest of a regime in power. If the present Somaliland ruling class’s interests is equal to the national interest, then we could not distinguish national interests from ruling class interests. If the two interests were the same thing we would not have the concept of traitorous government which we have to day in Somaliland.


National interests differ from ruling class interests; a country’s government sometimes sacrifices the national interest to maintain ruling class interests and that is precisely what Siilanyo and clique did to Somaliland. National interests are subordinated to the interest of the political power. When the two interests clash Siilanyo sacrificed the national interest to protect his regime’s interest. Disregarding the constitution, bashing the international community is a vivid example we see happening in Somaliland. This is one reason why some governments adopted traitorous policies. And again that is what Siilanyo and clique did adopt, traitorous polices!

The biggest problem in equating national interests with ruling class interests is that the objective existence of a national interest is denied. The reason is that if a ruling class decides on a national interest, then that national interest will completely depend on the ruling class’ subjective notions.


Ruling classes often take advantage of people’s ignorance, purposefully disguising the ruling class’ interest as the national interest. That is what Mr. Siilanyo and clique are practicing severely! This approach helps the ruling clique obtain the support of the people for what ever they claim is right.

A government controlled by the ruling class could not betray the interests that belong only to them. In fact it betrays the national interest of the state instead

(Ref: Concept of National interest- Selected Works of Mao Zedong, vol. 5)

“The seeds of the destruction of otherwise vibrant states are sown deep within their dishonest leaders and fraudulent political institutions. States fail when they are consumed by corruption with out bounds, dishonesty, injustice, incompetent officials, internal squabble, conflicts and violence. The governments of such states lose credibility.
People don’t trust the government and the government does not trust her people. In such situation the continuing nature of the state itself becomes questionable and illegitimate and not valid in the hearts and minds of its citizens.In the hearts and minds of Somaliland citizens the continuing nature of Siilanyo’s administration is already questionable and will soon be illegitimate after June 26, 2015. The two houses of congress are already illegitimate for their terms in office were expired long time ago. The President is heading there and is going to join the ‘doe’ the parliament and the Guurti!! Together the ‘Trio’ will be illegitimate bodies who are not accountable to the people but to their own interests.”(Ref: why Nations fail, how they fail and who fails them-by Ibrahim M Mead)

Siilanyo’s administrations started bashing the international community openly! Why are they doing this ridiculous thing? They are doing this shameless thing because the international community is on the same page with the people while the government is in a very different page. The international community advised the government to

a) Respect their constitution

b) Respect and protect Somaliland’s democratic credentials

c) Overcome the national crises Suleiman Gaal’s Guutyi created.

d) Respect and reinforce the Consensus building which has been the defining elements of Somaliland’s peace and Democratic credentials

e) Protect Somaliland’s democratic credentials.

f) Respect what you Mr. President and the political parties agreed upon and the international community acknowledged

That is what the international community has conveyed (advised) to Siilanyo’s government. What is wrong with that?! Below is the text:


“1. The International Community is seriously concerned over the decision by the

Somaliland House of Elders (Guurti) to extend the terms of office of the House of Representatives as well as the President, by 21 months. We are particularly alarmed that such a critical decision was taken without consensus among all Somaliland parties. Consensus building has been the defining elements of Somaliland’s peace and Democratic credentials. In the eyes of the International Community, the Guurti’s decision places Somaliland’s democratic credentials at serious risk.

2. pursuing the abovementioned decision by the House of Elders unilaterally not only

Threatens to undermine stability and the democratic process within Somaliland; it would also damage Somaliland’s public image and undermine our longstanding partnership. We therefore call for immediate structured dialogue on the election timeline and the term extension in line with the announcement by the Vice President today, and earlier announcements by the President. Such a dialogue should revisit the Guurti’s decision and lead to an agreement to overcome the current crisis and ensure that the elections are held as soon as possible

3. As Somaliland’s international partners we remain ready to engage in this process. International partners are now considering the implications and consequences of the Guurti’s decision which puts in jeopardy the foundations of the Somaliland Special Arrangement. We urge restraint and appeal to all stakeholders to make every effort to protect Somaliland’s democratic credentials.”

(British Office Hargeisa:

On behalf of the (ICADSC) international community and democratization steering committee May 13 2015”)


However Peace and prayers

Ibrahim M Mead

Executive Director


Ottawa, Canada

Hargeisa Somaliland

Gabiley Somaliland