To the People of Somaliland

“Each and every year on the 18th May, we the people of Somaliland remember, we will always remember the mothers and fathers who laid down their lives for peace and progress of this honorable nation. We always remember these fallen heroes and heroines because of their loyal contribution” Saeed Furaa

Twenty four years ago today, (18th May 2015) our founding father Abdirahman Ahmed Ali (Abdrihaman Tuur) with the support of our nation, made a decision to be peaceful and to build a better nation for its youth and nation. They spoke with tired and weary voices against the sweeping violence on brothers and sisters; they spoke against violence which could not be explained and its origins unknown.

Today the history of our beloved country is written as a result of their hands, we remember them because our history is written by their toil and misery. We remember them because their hunger to give us equal opportunities is unmatched, we remember because they taught us to change the world with words and not with guns, we remember because we cannot afford to forget.

In such desperation for a peaceful nation and society, Somaliland was born, with a common purpose, being sovereign and peaceful state with clear vision to create stability and peace, and to build a future for its people.

We are celebrating twenty four years since that decision was made, and we wonder what have we achieved and which cause have we set sail on. People of Somaliland in the Diaspora and home have united themselves throughout via community engagements and bilateral partnerships with various institutions of higher learning to prepare our people for a future unknown. In our remembrance of the decision made twenty four years ago, we must continue seeking peace and building a solid Somaliland upon which our future grandchildren could safely function and pursue their God given talents. In the same breadth, we seek to end violence committed against the immigrants in South Africa and we hope to build deeper and better partnerships with more South Africans.

I urge every Somaliland citizen to focus on developing themselves and others for to be finally free from the bondage of poverty, illiteracy and violence by being kind to one another each day every week, every month, every year to free our nation from Qat and Tahriib…(risky immigration) among others.


Long Live Somaliland.

A note from zealot peace & progress loving citizen


Saeed Furaa


A banker cum a Social Entrepreneur

Founding President for Horn of African Social Entrepreneurs Forum in South Africa (HASEFSA)

South Africa