Somaliland: All Concerned, Local and International


Somaliland watch Group

To : All concerned, local and international
from: Somaliland Watch Group
Press Release
date: Monday, May 11, 2015

This forum was warily following injudicious activities intended to suppress or in certain cases eliminate the freedom of speech and blindside the constitution and the rule of law

We know that the actions of Mr. Siilanyo’s administration has divided the people and the country and these divisions are growing day after the other that it reached to a point where no one trusts no one else. The government’s eyes and ears are focused on the worried citizens and not the extremists Wahabists fundamentalist in the country

Not to act and fail not to change this situation will be a moral failing on all concerned, national and international.The chairman of the detested and expired Guurti Mr. Suleiman Gaal who now acts like a warlord must be stopped by his cousin the President.


Democratization of Somaliland was a transition to a more democratic political system. It was the transition from an authoritarian political system of Siad Barre to a democratic political system. Democratization of Somaliland faced frequent reversals Democratization itself is influenced by various factors, including bad governance among other problems

Mr. Siilanyo formed an ‘oligarchy’ government instead. They increasingly gotten hold of unchallenged power in which they got mainly from the chair of the Guurti who is illegitimate and collect salaries illegitimately for his term in office has expired long time ago. They seized the moment and accelerated dismantling the democratic gains achieved after the establishment of Somaliland Republic. The strategy of the systematic de-democratization of Somaliland is now obvious. The Guurti and the parliament were already illegitimate. They overstayed and over grazed the poor people’s taxes. Now the executive is joining the club after one month!


We are calling the President and all concerned local and international that Suleiman Gaal and his Guurti’s actions
a) to annul the national commission’s designated date of the elections
b) to extend the term of the executive which will expire after a month or so
c) to extend further for the 2nd time the term of the Parliament and lastly
d) extended the term of office of his Guurti for the 5th time are illegal and provocative.
As Gaal’s action is deplorable, disgraceful and shameless it is unconstitutional to self extending a contract with the people. What Suleiman Gaal’s Guuti did is unacceptable. It is only the people who can extend such contracts as they can cancel them.
It seems that those who are declining to live and practice democracy and the rule of law in matters of national concern embraced Despotic practice. “Despotic thinking binds man’s opinion with wrong matters” as despotic thinking morally condemnable (Imam Sadiq)
Suleiman Gaal’s latest action is a very generous invitation extended to the extremist fundamentalists’ now living in the shadows.
Mr.Gaal’s Guurti and the Presidency must be called accountable to what ever happens not only to Somaliland but also to the whole region.

Mr. President, change course before it is too late for the sake of your legacy and more importantly for the survival of Somaliland and the peace and stability of the Region


Somaliland watch

Ibrahim M Mead
Executive Director