SOMALILAND: SONSAF Statement on Upcoming Elections


Press Release

On May, 6th 2015 Somaliland Civil Society held a roundtable discussions which was addressed the issues of elections and democratization process in general. In this regard, the Civil Society had extensive discourses on issues of anticipated elections that National Electoral Commission (NEC) scheduled on

June 1st 2016. Believing that holding free, fair and timely elections are fundamentals of the democratization process in Somaliland.

Therefore, CSOs are very much concerned any postponement beyond schedule date of the elections unless the technical matters arise. It was on 04 May when Civil Society has requested from the Guurti to acknowledge CSOs contribution on issues of the elections but unfortunately the CSOs were not allowed to deliver their message about the elections during these consultations which were conducted by the Guurti.

On the other hand, it is obvious that CSOs had long term technical experiences and capabilities on resolving electoral matters; enlarge civic education and democratization process as whole. However, as neutral body of civil society we are appealing to all election stakeholders respect rights of the citizens as promised in the national constitution. From this perspective, CSOs are strongly recommending that any decision from the Guurti is required to be in line with the elections roadmap that NEC proposed in accordance with the consent of the political parties.

Moreover, Somaliland Civil Society has been one of the key election stakeholders that contributed the electoral process of the country and promoting credible, transparent and timely elections. Civil Society is arguing that civic engagement; political consensus and national solidarity are central premises of the electoral process of the country. In addition, CSOs conduct election monitoring and observations throughout the cycle of the electoral process.

Eventually, CSOs are recommending that the process of the voter registration commencement is crucial at this stage of the elections’ preparation where the citizens and eligible voter are required to educate in adequate time, in order to prevent any future irregularities and multiple registrations. Hence, National Electoral Commission (NEC) requires increasing its consultations and information sharing with Civil Society

Mohamed Ahmed Mohamoud

SONSAF Executive Director

Somaliland Non State Actors Forum

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