Somaliland: Government deploys police in SONYO’s headquraters

Government has announced that the security forces have taken full control of Somaliland National Youth Organization (SONYO) headquarters and has have suspends  all accounts indefinitely.

All staffers have been disbanded until further notice and ordered all vehicles belonging to the organization that they cannot be used.

The Minister of sports and Youth has made the announcement and added that situation will continue to remain so until the government issues a statement on the matter.

Sports Minister Hon. Ali Saeed Raygal has held meeting with the wing headed by Mr. Abdiasis Hersi where majority of SONYO have chosen him as the new chairman.

The Minister informed the chairman that SONYO headquarters has been taken by the security forces.

This comes after SONYO was ridden by conflict and that chose two chairmen supported by the two wings that the umbrella has split.

The other wing claims that they are represent the majority of SONYO and elected Mr. Siyad Omar Ali as the new chairman.