Somaliland: Education Minister briefs Anti- Corruption committee

The Committee on Good Governance and Anti*Corruption of country’s National Assembly on Monday held closed door meeting with Ms. Zamzam Abdi Adam, the Higher Education Minister. The Minister briefed the parliament committee on the national duty that her ministry is in charge and members have the chance to ask question to her.

The meeting which lasted for hours ended in reaching a common understanding on issues that soured close working relations between the commission and the ministry. The Minister of higher education was furious over a report that the committee published on the budget expenditure of the ministry to the country’s region. The Minister has stated that she has misinterpreted the report.

The Ministry has claimed in the first place that the report was based on lies and fabrications. Ms. Zamzam has told reporters that the commission quizzed her over the daily day operation of the ministry and added that they wanted to know if every shilling allocated to the ministry has been used in the proper way. She went on to say that it is the duty of anti corruption committee to trace every shilling has been wisely spent.

The Minister has further remarked that both sides have reached a mutual understanding to establish close working relations as the way forward. The Head of Good Governance and Anti Corruption Committee Hon. Mohamed Ali Hersi alias “Obama” that the parliamentary committee is on duty discharging her national duty.

He added that education ministers is among the 21 government officials that they met in order to quiz over the tasks they are in charge for the nation.

They agreed that both sides the ministry and the parliamentary committee have duties to discharge as stipulated by the constitution.