Somaliland: National Assembly approves prison law reducing the powers of Justice Minister

Country’s National Assembly has unanimously approved prison laws in Somaliland on Saturday’s session.

The Lower House of the parliament (Representatives) previously passed but due to amendments made by the Upper House of Parliament (Elders).

The prison law which the parliament passed is intended to reduce the powers of Somaliland’s Justice Minister administering prisons in the country.

Consequently, the law passed is to increase the authority of the Head of Custodial Corps and prison wardens.

The Lower House speaker Mr. Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilahi alias Irro chaired the session while the two deputies flanked.

The Upper house amended that the overall authority of pardoning and forgiving prisoners lies in the shoulders of Somaliland president.

If an inmate dies in jail who has no relatives the prison warden will bury the dead once a letter is received from the attorney general.

There 47 MPs in attendance while 42 voted in favor of passing. There were 4 MPs that abstained.

The speaker did not vote.

The Upper House of parliament and the Justice Minister were in disagreement over the way of administering the prisons.