Somaliland: Djibouti president has the trust of Both countries to mediate says Awil

NAIROBI- Former Finance Minister Ambassador Husien Ali Du’ale has talked about the accord that Somaliland president and Somali counterpart met in Djibouti and hammered a deal and welcomed that Djibouti president has hosted and moderated the dialogue.

He stated that he hails the agreement and the communiqué and added that he is happy to see Ismail Omar Gele who is aware of Somali affairs to bring the two sides to the negotiation table and have the chance that both sides raised their concerns at the venue.

Mr. Awal went on to say that both sides have faith in president Gele to bring the two sides to the round table.

He further spoke of the Turkey talks where the presidents desirous not to make concessions or compromise arrive there and at the end  not tangible outcome is expected.

He described president of Djibouti as being an open minded who is well informed on Somali affairs.

Mr. Awil further added that the best way to end the case is that a referendum will be the last thing that will see both countries breaking away.

Former Finance Minister has spoken on the issue of the heated contest of who will be the presidential candidate for the ruling party after president Silanyo’s term expires.

He warned that those who have the political ambition to run for the presidency must avoid to make the public busy with their political intention.