Somaliland Business Fund: Latest Edna Venture

On Saturday 3rd May, Hargeisa’s Edna Adan picked up a shovel to help make seven bricks in a symbolic act representing the seven months Edna’s project team have to complete their project to build a pharmaceutical production plant in Masalaha, Hargeisa that will create a range of locally manufactured medical products for Somalilanders that were previously only available as imported goods.

The new production factory is expected to create a total of 25 new full-time jobs and perhaps 10 seasonal part-time jobs once it opens for business later in the year. Providing “safe, quality assured intra-venous medical fluids made by Somalis to the highest international standards” this new venture will demonstrate that significant developments in local medical care are happening behind the scenes with Somalilanders taking responsibility for “making things happen”.

With Somaliland Business Fund’s Asha Ahmed by her side, Edna joined the brick-makers and ground-works teams on site to oversee the preparation work for the construction of the new production facility in Masalaha, Hargeisa. When the bricks had been made and an inspection of the ground-works completed, Edna had this to say to Somaliland’s future entrepreneurs: “If you want to be successful in business you need to know how every job in your business needs to be done, and done well! You need to be prepared to make sacrifices to your free time, your savings, and the time you spend with your family and friends.”

With the seven bricks drying in the sun and Asha Ahmed having been taught a new skill by the project’s brick-making team, Edna had a few words to say to a younger generation of potential entrepreneurs “.. you need to be honest with yourself and learn from your experiences. No new project or job is easy to do well without a personal sacrifice being made, or some painful lessons being learned. If you commit to a project, or a new business you should understand that failure is not an option. Resources are finite and you need to learn how to use them to the maximum effect, or you will one day find yourself looking back with regret at lost opportunities.”

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