Somaliland: Minister of Religious Affairs refutes Church Claims


Hargeisa-Sheik Khalil Abdillahi Ahmed, Minister of Religious Affairs and Endowment and Dr. Saad Ali Shire, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation today while speaking to reporters during a press conference strongly refuted report carried by a section of media outlets purporting that the current government had given the go ahead to missionaries to Christianise the country.

“I am very sad and disappointed to see some misleading and unfounded reports in the media and social sites (Facebook)fabricating lies against foreigner living in the country,” he said.

Sheik Khalil Abdillahi Ahmed further added, “The people responsible for spreading this lies took things out of proportion while quoting the said foreigner.

The Religious Minister lastly said, “The Ministry of Religious Affairs together with Ministry of Foreign affairs will jointly release an official statement regarding the matter in the coming days.

The reports states that Maria Vechhinno, said that when she decided to come Hargeisa, with two things in mind , first was to work as a volunteer to help the needy and to reopen a disused church in Hargeisa.