Somaliland: President Silanyo inspect ongoing Oil Exploration works

  1. E President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo Mahmoud Silanyo and his delegation today embarked on a tour of Burao and Saraar regions to inspect ongoing oil exploration works.

The President visited the site whereby he saw heavy duty vehicles and seismic vibrators deployed to explore for oil in Ainabo,, in Saraar region.

Hon Hussien Abdi Dualeh, Minister of Energy and Minerals briefed the head of state on the ongoing operations.

“The oil companies are committed to and implemented an extensive exploration work program and today the  work for acquiring seismic data began in earnest oil exploration”, he said.

President Silanyo lauded the Ministry of Energy and Minerals for its efforts in implementing an extensive exploration work program and he also thanked the local community for supporting and working closely with Ministry of Energy and expatriates while executing their operation.

He further added , “The Government has taken bold steps to protect and take full ownership to ensure the success of the exploration effort and we shall work with our partners and shall continue engaging with the communities.