Progress Discernible for Holding Timely, Free and Fair Elections.

Stakeholders in Somaliland have shown commitment and determination towards successfully Presidential and parliamentary elections.

This was stated by European Union special envoy and Ambassador to Somalia Michele Cervone D’Urso after one of his regular meetings with president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo at the Presidency in Hargeisa where fruitful discussions especially on the democratization process more so the country’ general elections slated for 28th March 2017 were main agenda.
Pertaining to the meeting the envoy posted on his Twitter page

Though the envoy’s official designation is basically for Somalia owing to the non recognition of Somaliland and the wait for who first to RECOGNIZE policy pursued by the EU and other foreign nations and bodies now in its 25th year, Amb Cervone is a regular visitor to Somaliland, always disguised as for discussions and inspection of humanitarian and development support but in reality focused on the democratization process.

Though the EU does not officially recognize the sovereignty of Somaliland which it still considers as part of Neighbouring Somalia the Continetal body is a major humanitarian, Developmental and Democratization process partner and donor.

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