Somaliland: Upcoming Presidential and Parliamentary elections will be held as Scheduled- Dr. Saad Ali Shire


Somaliland Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Affairs Dr. Saad Ali Shire has in the strongest terms refuted media reports alleging the current government plans to postpone the upcoming Presidential and Parliamentary elections which are due to be held next in 27,March, 2017.

Dr. Saad Ali Shire, speaking to reporters during a press conference held in his office said, “The upcoming Presidential and Parliamentary elections which be held next in 27, March, 2017, as H.E President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud stated.

“After putting into consideration the plight of the people affected by drought, the government of Somaliland decided to halt the ongoing voters registration process for the duration of one month so as to deal with the situation on hand, in this case which meant to save the lives of our citizens who were in dire situation but I would like to reaffirm to you our decision shouldn’t be perceived as in any way as a prelude to delay the upcoming electoral process,” he stated.

Dr. Saad Ali Shire, added,  “I , myself meet with representatives of donor countries who support Somaliland on elections in Nairobi, Kenya during my recent trip and none of them expressed doubt over our commitment to hold the upcoming Presidential and Parliamentary elections on schedule.

On the other hand, the FM dismissed reports carried by a section of local media purporting that Hon Gerd Muller, Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation & Development of Germany had cancelled a planned visit to Hargeisa last week due to lack of communication and proper arrangement on the part of Somaliland government.

“I, have in my possession a letter written to me by the personal assistants on behalf the German Minister who was travelling him at the time which states, “I, regret to inform you (Dr. Saad Ali Shire) that he shall cut his trip short hence won’t to visit Somaliland as planned earlier due to matters which need urgent attention back home, please do pass my regrets to the rest of the government.

Lastly, Dr. Saad Ali Shire said, “I am shocked and dismayed and ill-informed remarks issued by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs official website published on 6th April 2016.The wording used in the Egyptian Foreign Affairs official website downgrading the status of the Republic of Somaliland as region blindly ignores realities on the ground.Somaliland is a sovereign country with democratically elected President and Parliament. We have a constitution approved by the people of Somaliland on 97% in a referendum observed and praised by the international community.

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