Somaliland: Minister of Interior says the statement made by Somalia is ridiculous


Interior Minister, Ali Mohamed Waranade has stated on Friday that Somaliland seceded from Somalia for ages.

The minister of interior made the comments in response to a statement issued by Somalia Federal Gov’t which claimed that Somaliland is part and parcel of the 2016 elections where 11 members will be represented at the parliament.

Somalia has proposed a deal that will allow Somalia regional states to be part of the 4.5 quota system.

The minister has made the remarks in an interview with Voice of America Somali services revealed that it is ridiculous to see Somalia Federal Gov’t officials claiming Somaliland as being part of Somalia while it broke away from Somalia more than 25 years ago.

The minister has gone on to say that it is naive to see the constant claim made by Somalia gov’t authority over Somaliland’s state.

Somaliland seceded from Somalia in 1991 after the collapse of Somalia’s central government.

Somaliland escaped much of the chaos that plagued by Somalia.