Somaliland: Man Shot Dead on Hargeisa Streets


A middle aged man was brought down by a hail of bullets discharged by an assailant. The deceased was accosted west of  the Hargeisa main stadium at about 7pm by a lone gunman.  The victim died on the spot while the gunman fled the scene of crime after the shooting.

The name of the victim was not given even though it was confirmed that he hails from the Somali Ethiopian region.  Commissioner of Police Brigadier General Abdillahi Fadal Iimaan confirmed  the Horn Newspaper the death of the man, but did not elaborate further only confirming that two men have been arrested. He went on to say that the investigation is ongoing to  ascertain the culprit behind the killings.

The police carried the body of the victim from the scene as the next of kin were contacted to pick up their body from the Hargeisa Group Hospital Mortuary