Somaliland: continues to tackle inflation


The deputy president Mr. Abdirahman Abdillahi Sayli’i has confirmed that there was a meeting between the government and the business community at  the presidential mansion. The vice president who spoke to the press after the meeting  said that it was agreed that both the government and the business community have to work together to tackle ever increasing rate of inflation.

“After thorough consultations we came to realize that there has been skyrocketing devaluation on the  Somaliland shilling against the dollar so we had to find a quick remedy. First and foremost ,we found out that most businesses prefer the dollar to Somaliland shillings in their transactions that had to stop if the Somaliland shilling was to find a lifeline.” Said the VP.

The vice president said that they have decided from now henceforth the Somaliland shilling should be only the legal tender for all transactions in Somaliland.” We have decided after meeting the business community that it is important for all of them to encourage citizens to use the Somaliland SHILLINGS.” Mr. Sayli’I concluded.