Somalia : Djiboutian contingent commended for their diligence as they complete tour of duty


Beledweyne, Hiiraan region , Central Somalia ( DIPLOMAT.SO) – According AMISOM- Somali Prime Minister, Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke has sent heartfelt condolences to families of AMISOM troops killed and injured in the line of duty in Somalia.

Prime Minister Sharmarke on Thursday, 21 January 2015, officiated at the send-off ceremony for the Djiboutian contingent under the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), which has completed its tour of duty.

“On behalf of the President and the people of Somalia, I would like to thank the Djiboutian President Ismail Omar Gelle, his government and the people of Djibouti for offering troops to be part of AMISOM in order to secure and stabilize Somalia. I would also like to thank Troops Contributing Countries of Ethiopia, Uganda, Burundi, Kenya and others, for their sacrifice to the Somali people. It is incumbent upon us to remember all our friends who are with us through these tough times. We honour troops that have been killed and injured in the line of duty,” said Sharmarke.

He also hailed the Djiboutian contingent for contributing towards security and the reconciliation process in the region, as well as the construction and repair of critical infrastructure such as the airport and bridges.

The ceremony held at the Beledweyne Town Hall was attended by the AMISOM Sector Four Commander Colonel Abdirahman Abdi Dhimbil and his deputy, Colonel Ayeno Mesven, elders, youth and women from Hiiraan region.

Others present were a delegation from the Republic of Djibouti that included Dayib Dubad Rooble, the Djiboutian Ambassador to Somalia; Hassan Dharar Hufane, the Djiboutian Minister of Defence and Colonel Osman Dubad, the AMISOM Djibouti contingent commander.

According to Hassan Dharar Hufane, the Djibouti Minister of Defense, Djibouti troops have been based in Hiiraan region for the last three years.

“The AMISOM Djibouti battalion have accomplished their duties. They secured the region, ensured peace and security and helped the vulnerable people. Their replacement will also strive to make some accomplishments because problems persist in Somalia although the enemy is weakened. The President of Djibouti and the people of Djibouti will stand with the Somali Government and the Somali people until they can walk on their own,” noted Minister Hassan Dharar Hufane.